Halloween Mythology Boat Tour

2019 Dates and Prices To Be Confirmed

Battles, Murders and Legends

Welcome to the Home of Halloween - the Boyne Valley. For 1000's of years our ancestors have honoured and celebrated our living and our dead on the night of Samhain when all souls converge. Inland in County Meath the Hill of Ward is central to all things Halloween and to this day still maintains the ritual of lighting the first light of the Celtic new year.

Join us on the water for stories of fact and fiction, legend and myth, history and fantasy as we wind our way along the Boyne Canal.

Paddling through the Battle of the Boyne site you can almost hear and feel the sounds of battle and the cries of the fallen. With over 2000 fatalities is it no wonder there are tales of ghosts and things that go bump in the night!

Hold tight as you sit under the very bridge where Patrick Briscoe was gunned down over 100 years ago.

Hear of the Tlachta and her defiance of the gods.

Learn of the origins of trick or treat and be sure to don our magic capes to ward away evil spirits!



  • 2019 Dates and Prices To Be Confirmed


Duration: 90 minutes


Suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous experience required.

This is very much a ‘dry’ water activity and no wetsuit is required to participate.

Rates vary, see above
Boyne Canal, Battle of the Boyne, Oldbridge, Co. Meath